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The first minimally invasive, flapless SMILE solution and, until now, it is the only solution for performing SMall Incision Lenticule Extraction, or SMILE for short. The FemtoSMILE or ReLEx SMILE is the 3rd generation of laser vision correction.

Whereas LASIK, IntraLASIK and FemtoLASIK procedures involve flap creation, folding it back and vaporizing corneal tissue using an excimer laser.

FemtoSMILE or ReLEx SMILE utilizes the high-precision cool femtosecond laser VisuMax from ZEISS to create a lenticule inside the cornea and an access incision in a single treatment step without the need for a flap.

With FemtoSMILE or ReLEx SMILE there are also no flap-related complications. FemtoSMILE or ReLEx SMILE reduces the incidence of infections and epithelial ingrowth while expediting healing and preserving the integrity of the cornea.