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During the FemtoLASIK or IntraLASIK procedure an ultra thin flap 85 to 110 microns is created on the cornea using computer-controlled cool beams of femtosecond laser pulses, which pass through the top layers of the cornea, to form microscopic bubbles at the optimum depth and position, gently separating the outer layer of the cornea, from the layer being treated. The flap is then gently lifted and hinged back, out of the way. You’ll be asked to fixate on a blinking, fuzzy green light, and your doctor will precisely align the excimer laser vision correction beam with your eye. When everything is just right, your doctor will activate the excimer laser. Painlessly, computer-controlled excimer laser light pulses will vaporize microscopic amounts of tissue, gently re-shaping the cornea. The pattern of excimer laser treatment is determined by a sophisticated program and based on the detailed measurements, that were taken during your pre-operative examination. Before you know it your procedure is over, and the surgeon will gently reposition the flap, smooth it with a special medical sponge, and allow it to dry for a short time.


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