FemtoLASIK – IntraLASIK Custom-Q

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Similar to the FemtoLASIK or IntraLASIK but comes with the extra touch precision and outcome superiority in visual acuity. The WaveLight EX500 excimer laser is the only system to use the Custom-Q / Wavefront Optimized (WFO) ablation profiles as part of each and every precise treatment. This helps predicting and achieving optimum results leading to an excellent night vision and less sensitivity to glare.

The principle of Custom-Q / Wavefront Optimized (WFO) ablation is that the natural shape of the human cornea is preserved, and thus all light rays meet in only one sharp focus point.

The FemtoLASIK or IntraLASIK Custom-Q / WFO is performed with the objective of maintaining a natural corneal shape, preserving the cornea’s asphericity. Every treatment is customized to the patient’s individual degree of nearsightedness, farsightedness and or astigmatism and corneal curvature by taking K readings into consideration.

The FemtoLASIK or IntraLASIK Custom-Q / WFO is also performed for the treatment of Presbyopia (poor reading vision), the software is tailor guided to sculpture a multifocal cornea alleviating the strain of poor near vision resulting in less dependency on reading glasses.


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