Cross Linking

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Certain conditions, like keratoconus, can weaken the links between these corneal collagen fibers, and alter the cornea’s shape. This leads to distorted vision that worsens over time. Avedro Crosslinking is a simple, minimally invasive treatment, that can stop the progression of keratoconus and similar conditions. While Avedro crosslinking cannot reverse the distortion of the cornea, it can prevent further changes. Studies have shown that crosslinking preserves vision and avoids the need for a corneal transplant. The crosslinking procedure begins by administering drops of riboflavin solution to the surface of the cornea. Once the cornea has been saturated with the solution, a small amount of UVA light activates the riboflavin to strengthen and stabilize the weakened links between the corneal collagen fibers. Most patients will not require more than a single treatment.


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